Extend the life of your FB Live!

By now you probably know the power of using Facebook Live to promote your business and share your content. Facebook pushes live videos into the newsfeed of your fans and potential fans WAY MORE than any other type of content! This means that with every Live videos you are getting tons of eyeballs on your stuff, which is EXACTLY what you want!

The downside is, Facebook Live videos can only be shown on Facebook, which is limiting if you use other platforms to promote yourself. The video also lives on Facebook, with can be a little disconcerting. Enter this crash course: Extend the Life of Your FB Live!


Whooo are you? Who, who? Who, who?

AKA the importance of branding. 

Before you start posting on social media, you need a clear brand! This will give you better guidance on what to post on social media!

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The simple way to increase engagement

Check out this video to learn the simple way to increase engagement on your social media pages. 

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What do Tracy Chapman, Content Creation, and FB Likes have in common?


The Importance of setting measurable goals

Every entrepreneur is unique, and all of our journeys are different. But at one time or another, confidence is an issue for all of us. We all go through stretches where we’re working really hard, but the results don’t seem to reflect that effort. That’s because we’re not paid by the hour for showing up to work. We’re paid by customers that purchase our products and services. Earning their trust and their business can take time.


The difference between Karate and Marketing


Facebook for Business: 10 Lessons Learned

It’s official! We’ve passed the 500 likes mark on Facebook. This happened last week, on International Women’s Day of all days! It’s been quite the journey. So today I'll be sharing 10 important lessonsI’ve learned this past year about using Facebook to promote your biz!


There is no "easy way": A story of confidence, marketing, and a shout out to women!

Today I am participating in 2 events. One is a local event hosted by the FFANE and CDÉNÉ (2 local economic development organizations) and I will also be part of an event put on by the local Staples highlighting local women in business.

In honour of today, I’d like to talk about an obstacle that many women face: self-confidence.

Studies show that women are less self- assured then men. However, in the world of business, confidence is just as important, if not more important than competence! Let me share my story with you.


5 Ways to LOVE Your Business

Because it’s Valentine’s day, I was inspired to write a post about loving your business. Us business owners spend tons of time with our business, so it’s important that we love it and are excited about what we are doing. But like any relationship, it takes some work to keep it running smoothly. Here are 5 Ways to Love Your Business!


Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Lately, I’ve been on a « Comfort Zone » kick! And what I mean by that is I’ve been encouraging everyone I know (myself included) to break out of their comfort zone! I even had a challenge in my FB Group to get everyone to break out of their comfort zone!