Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Posted on February 7th, 2017 in Growth, Branding by Denise


Lately, I’ve been on a « Comfort Zone » kick! And what I mean by that is I’ve been encouraging everyone I know (myself included) to break out of their comfort zone! I even had a challenge in my FB Group to get everyone to break out of their comfort zone! (Get the challenge + More here) (Join the group here).


Anything that is worth doing, requires a bit of discomfort, especially in the beginning, but those are the things that make you stand out. You started your own business – That was most likely out of your comfort zone at the time!

Common Challenge

I speak to entrepreneurs every day. One challenge that often comes up is their discomfort in doing certain things. For some, they are uncomfortable sharing their goals “What if I don’t achieve them” they say. For others, it’s learning how to use social media and other online tools to market their business. Staying within their comfort zones holds them back and limits what they are able to achieve. If you keep doing the same things, things won’t magically improve.

This isn’t about changing who you are, or trying to be someone else. It’s about growth. It’s about being comfortable with you and not being afraid to share that with the world. The people who will judge you are the ones who are too afraid to take action themselves. Those who have been there, and those who truly support you, will appreciate your effort and your progress, whether it’s big or small.

Getting over your discomfort

Here’s some backstory on me. I was a quiet shy kid. I eventually grew out of it when I started to realize that what people think of you is out of your control. The ones who see you badly are often dealing with their own issues. So who cares what people think! Most of the time, people are too focused on themselves to even notice what you are doing anyway. I can still be a bit quiet, but I wouldn’t call myself shy!

Over the past few years, I’ve done tons of things I would never have imagined because they were once uncomfortable to me. Writing this is part of it. In all of my blogs, I share a part of myself. Now that I’ve been doing it for awhile it feels normal, but in the beginning, it was uncomfortable. And guess what, the more I share, the more people can relate to me, and the more they are attracted to working with me! I also share some Facebook Lives from time to time. At first, I was really uncomfortable, but with time, it gets better. I am not a natural speaker, so I still have lots of progress to make. But people still like them and the fact that I share my personality. And again, the more I share of myself, the more I attract customers that I want to work with!

Do it

If you are serious about growing your business, you need to step outside your comfort zone. Yes, it’s uncomfortable at first, but it’s so worth it!


PS. I've been wanting to use this image for about a year. #puglife