Why you won't attract customers with social media

Posted on July 11th, 2017 in Marketing by Denise

3 Reasons Why Social Media isn't Helping you Attract Customers

Everyone once in awhile I hear someone say something like this:

I’m on Facebook, but it hasn’t helped my business. Social media isn’t worth the time, it hasn’t brought in any new customers. I’ve talked to other business owners and they said it hasn’t helped them either. My posts get lost in all the other posts, etc.


Well, ladies and gentleman. There is a reason. And that reason is that you are doing it wrong!

I can tell you that social media does work. It works for me. Over half of my leads come from social media. Almost every day, I have people that I’ve never met in real life reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram and ask me to help them market their business online. I also have many clients who have been very successful in attracting new clients or the right clients since working with me.


The hard part, is 1. knowing what to post, and 2. Putting in a lot of time and hard work!



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