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Hi! I'm Denise Alison, the CEO & Founder of Stratigro. I help businesses grow with SOCIAL MEDIA and LIVE VIDEO!  I work with them to create and implement and action plan that increases their visibility, grows their audience, and attracts more customers!

But, you know what else? I moonlight as a comedian! Which means that when I teach, I also entertain. In a world where business consultants are traditionally the most boring thing since drying paint, I like to bring humour and wit to my work. (For proof, check out my weekly show, The Art of Online Marketing!)

My main focus is helping business owners understand how to use social media platforms to make a connection with their audience, build trusting relationships, encourage engagement, and turn their followers into loyal customers, by bringing our their unique personalities and focusing on their expertise!

I’ve built my business one relationship at a time, and by creating consistent content that educates, entertains, and engages my audience.

I live in Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve put a little map here, because nobody ever knows where it is. The important thing you need to know about Clare, is it’s very RURAL. Everyone here is pretty much either a fisherman, or a small business owner.

I am passionate about social media because I know it can have a HUGE impact on a business. It sucks when an awesome business shuts down because the right people didn’t know about it. It saddens me because the business owners are my neighbours, and my friends. Businesses are the backbone of this community – if they start shutting down it will weaken our economy. Not to mention, what will we do, where will we shop, how will I get ID’d at the corner store (even though I am now 30!)?

My mission is to help small businesses thrive, so that those of us who love living in small communities can continue to do so!