3 Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing that will never change (regardless of algorithms!)

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about algorithms, platforms, and reach recently, and this has mostly been sparked by big changes that will be coming to Facebook’s platform.

And while these changes will impact all of us – users and entrepreneurs, if you are doing these fundamentals of social media marketing already, not a whole lot will change (yes, the arena will change, but not the way you interact).

In this video I share 3 Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing that will never change

1. Start a Conversation

Social media is SOCIAL and while I’ve said that before and it seems incredibly obvious, there are still lots of people out there who are not using it to be social.

One of the great advantages of using social media to market your business is that you have the opportunity to have conversations. This helps you build relationships and learn more about your audience.

Do not be one of those people who shares something then disappears. If someone comments on your post, take the time to respond and continue the conversation (and while you’re logged in, take a few minutes to leave comments on other people’s posts)

Unlike traditional media where you broadcast a message and talk at your potential clients, you can engage them in conversation and hear their perspective. It’s not about telling people what to think, but being part of the conversation and sharing your expertise, which brings us to number 2…

2. Share your expertise AND your perspective

The great thing is that so many entrepreneurs are creating content to educate their audience. Creating valuable content really is a great way to show potential clients that you are an expert in what you do.

However, a lot of content that is created is too superficial. It gives advice that could easily be found elsewhere and is quite generic.

To really make your content shine you need to add your own spin to it with your perspective on the topic. This means going beyond the obvious and be willing to share perspective that not everyone will necessarily agree with.

It’s not to be contrary for the sake of it, but to show your audience where you stand on certain matters, this will help you attract the RIGHT people who are on board with what you believe and repel those who do not.

This can seem scary, but…

1. Drawing a clear line in the sand can make those who are lukewarm about you become raving fans

2. You really don’t want to be working with people who don’t share your perspective on the big things.

3. Share who you are BEYOND what you do

For someone to buy from you, they need to feel some sort of connection to you. Not many people you meet are ready to buy from you right now. In fact, that number is about 3%. But that doesn’t mean that people you meet now won’t become amazing loyal customers in the future. And to transition them from where they are now into customers you need to warm them up and continue to build a relationship.

That means that if all you talk about is your business and how you help, you are going to lose people. You want to give your audience multiple points that they can relate to and humanize your brand.

“Denise has a beagle? I love beagles! And she runs half marathons? I am training for my first one this year.”

Sharing other parts of who you are brings life to you and your business and helps people connect with you.

The thing is, you have competition. There are other who offer something similar to you or offer a similar result. And in the eyes of potential customers those differences might be minor. So it’s really difficult to compete on those points.

But, if you are able to build strong relationships with those who follow you by sharing more about you, people will always go with the person they know!

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Going to an event? Make the most of your networking opportunity

As an entrepreneur you probably attend a handful of events every year. The reason you attend the events is, of course, the topic or issue that the event will address: you want to deepen your knowledge on the topic. But, the second important reason is the people who will be there and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

How do you approach events to make sure that you connect with the right people (for you) while you are there? Follow this 3-part approach.

1. Do your research

Find out who is going to be at the event. This might require a bit of digging. Most events have either a Facebook Event Page or a Group on Facebook or LinkedIn for those who are registered. This makes it super easy to see who plans on attending and learn a few key things about them. Make a list of a few key people you are looking for (this could be different for everyone and every event, but you are probably looking for potential customers, potential collaborators, or potential providers). I recommend putting about 5 people on that list for an event of 2-3 days.

If the event organizers haven’t made is super easy for you with the tools mentioned above, you can still find out who is attending to a certain extent.

For example, maybe the organization who is hosting has an open group on social media. Simply create a post asking who is attending (or even search to see if someone else has already done that).

Check the organization’s social media pages for posts where they announce the event of share registration details. Anyone who has liked the post or commented on it is likely attending.

Has the event shared what it’s hashtag will be? Do a search to see who is already using that hashtag. It means that they have probably already registered for the event.

2. Contact

Now that you have your list of people that you want to connect with, reach out to them on social media or via email. Send a casual note letting them know that you saw they were going to/interesting in the event and that you will be attending as well. And hopefully you can connect during a lunch break. Something like this:

“Hi Jennifer! I saw that you are planning on attending the Kick-Ass Women in Business Retreat in Toronto next month. I’m going too! I would love to be able to connect with you while we are there.”

Doing this helps put you on their radar, and they will have the chance to get to know a bit about you and process it before you meet I person. It also means both of you are making an effort to make sure you meet up during the event.

Whether or not you make specific plans to meet depends a bit on the size of the event. If there will be 100 people or so, I generally let the connection happen naturally. If it’s an event like Social Media Marketing World where there are thousands, I try to make a specific plan to meet, otherwise there is a chance that you will never see that person!

3. Follow-up

Now that you’ve gone to your event, met up with the person/people that you planned to, and returned home, its time to initiate the follow up sequence.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Overthinking what to say is what prevents most people from sending a follow up, which create a big leak in the pipe. Sending a simple message along the lines of “It was so great meeting you at *ABC Event* and chatting about *thing you chatted about*. Let’s schedule a call to discuss *thing you said you would discuss*” can have a big impact.

The follow up part of this process is key. The problem is you go to an event, have a great time, meet some fantastic people, but then you get back to work and have tons of stuff you need to catch up on and get done. You want to implement the new things you learned at the event, and then time passes and you forgot to follow up with the people you met and what you talked about and how you were going to help each other and so on. So taking a few minutes to reach out helps make sure that you don’t lose the goodwill and momentum you’ve created with that person.

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Upgrade your LinkedIn Profile in 15 Minutes!

Are you slightly embarrassed by the current state of your LinkedIn profile? I get it. A lot of entrepreneurs have a LinkedIn account that they don’t really take advantage of and have let fall on the backburner.

But, if you work with entrepreneurs or other professionals, LinkedIn is one of the best places you can be spending your time. Let's get you up and running on LinkedIn today! These easy tips will instantly upgrade your profile so you can feel confident in your business development activities

Your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is the section at the top of your profile where you can describe what you do (in 120 characters or less). This description will appear next to your name in search results.

But did you know that if you don’t put in a custom headline, LinkedIn Defaults your headline to whatever you existing job title is. So again, thank you LinkedIn for making things simple and automated, but for most of you, that really isn’t the best use of your headline.

Why not?

Because most of the time our job title doesn’t give a potential client any useful information about us.

For example, if I left mine to default, it would say founder of Stratigro. And then people who stumble upon my profile are going to say what the heck is that and how can she help me.

Instead, I put Live Video Creator & Social Media Strategist | Comedienne | Speaker | Live Video Formula & The Art of Online Marketing

Now, doesn’t that paint a much better picture of what I do and what I can do for you, a potential client? Think about the key things that you do, and use these in your headline to get right to the point of what you offer!

Your cover photo

I come across a lot of profiles that leave this blank. And it kind of gives off this impression:

“this person hasn’t taken the time to put anything is their cover photo. Do they spend any time on LinkedIn? It’s probably not worth connecting with them”.

Your cover image gives you an additional opportunity to share information visually and to brand your profile.

There really isn’t a one size fits all of what you SHOULD put there, but there are plenty of things that you COULD do.

  • This could be where you share your business logo/info

  • You could point to an upcoming event

  • You could have a photo of you speaking, networking, or generally “in action”

  • You could have text sharing the services you offer

One thing to note though is this: your profile picture covers part of that image, and its different depending on where you are looking. On a mobile device, your profile photo covers the center of the image, and on a desktop/laptop, it covers the left side. Make sure there isn’t important information that will get blocked.

Your summary

This is another opportunity for you not only to stand out, but to share with potential clients (and collaborators) what you can do for them.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this needs to be written in a corporate style, or boring style. It’s really just an about you section. What’s your zone of genius? How do you help people, how are you different? Use your summary to share that and write that all in a style that aligns with your brand.

If you are a bit more suited up as a person and brand, your summary can reflect that. If you are more of a creative, then you want to reflect that as well!

This is your opportunity to show off what you do, and how you do it. Choose wisely.

Now that you are equipped with that knowledge, I can’t wait to see what you do with your LinkedIn profile!

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linkedin small for web.png

Do THIS on LinkedIn! If you want to get deleted, blocked, and miss out on opportunities

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been spending a lot of time on LinkedIn lately (and so have a lot of other people)!

But, like with anything else, there are some people who are using the platform in amazing ways, and there are others who…are not.

In this edition of the Art of Online Marketing, I want to talk about 3 big mistakes entrepreneurs make on LinkedIn.

Going on a tagging spree!

Tagging relevant connections in a post is a great way to notify them that you’ve mentioned them, created a post they might be interested in, or asking for their expertise.

Some users have taken this function and abused it by tagging everyone that comes to mind. Why? Because it means more people will see that post and hopefully comment no that post, which means more engagement, which leads to more visibility thanks to algorithms.

However, mass tagging everyone you know simply annoys people.

When you do this, you are crossing into spam territory. Make sure whenever you tag someone, the content is relevant to them!

Letting LinkedIn talk for you

LinkedIn was very thoughtful and created some prefab messages and comments. And you can send these messages by clicking just one button. For example, when its someone’s work anniversary. Wow!

I recommend NOT using these messages.

A few weeks ago, it was my “work anniversary”, and my inbox looked like this: Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary. Congrats on your work anniversary.

These connections all wanted to say congrats for some reason, but they all would have been better off taking a few seconds to customize the message, or to add “How have you been” to get a conversation started.

My inbox got so spammed with these messages in fact that I posted on my LinkedIn that those wishing to send me congrats should also include something about them that I might not know. Guess How many people did that. 0.

If you want to start conversations and create meaningful relationships with your connections (which you should, because that’s how you build a successful business) then don’t use the automated message. Take a bit of time to customize your message!

Pitching straight out of the gate

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this because it seems so obvious, yet, this happens to me at least once a day. And that is I get a connection request, and as soon as I accept it, I get a message. And the message is always along the lines of “I have the awesome product. Buy it now”.

Now, let’s look at the fundamental rule of business, which is people buy from those they know, like and trust. Let’s run a test. In this situation do they:

Know you? No.

Like you? No.

Trust you? No.

You don’t know a thing about that person, including knowing if they even have the problem that your product or service solves. Take the time to have a conversation with your connections, and if it seems like the right fit, then explore seeing how you might be able to work together.

Want to learn more about using LinkedIn to grow your business? Grab your free copy of Grow Your Business with LinkedIn: A Guide for Entrepreneurs.

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LinkedIn: The Forgotten Social Network?

For the past year or so I’ve been loving LinkedIn! It’s such a great place to connect with people who are looking to expand their networks and grow their businesses. But I haven’t always felt that way about the platform…It’s a network that I’ve struggle to fully embrace, until recently!

If you haven't logged on to LinkedIn lately, you are going to be in for a huge surprise when you do!

In the last 18 months, LinkedIn has been completely revitalized.

Gone are the days when all it's used for is posting your resume. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and it is now the place to be for entrepreneurs. ESPECIALLY if you are in the B2B world.

But lots of entrepreneurs hold back, as I once did, when it comes to embracing LinkedIn, and it comes down to these 3 misconceptions.

Misconception #1 LinkedIn is just for Job Seekers

When LinkedIn first came on the scene (side note – did you know LinkedIn has been around longer than Facebook?) there was a big focus on connecting employers with potential employees and vice versa. And you can see some of those elements on the platform today, for example: “Sobeys, Saint Mary’s University, and KPMG are looking for candidates like you” is the type of notification I sometimes get.

But LinkedIn really is a professional social network.

Unlike other platforms, when users are on LinkedIn they are looking to network with others. They haven’t logged on to look at cat vids, pictures of their grandchildren, or take a quiz telling them which game of thrones character they are (I’d like to think that I’m a Daenerys BTW)

LinkedIn is where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time. And guess what? When they are there, they are actively looking for something for valuable content and connections. They are looking for something that changes the way they are doing business. And that might be you!

LinkedIn gives business owners and professionals a convenient, accessible and effective place to make connections, market themselves, and grow their business.

Misconception #2 LinkedIn is boring and stuffy

Unfortunately, I let that hold me back for awhile. I would sometimes let myself believe that LinkedIn wasn’t the right place for my content, because it wasn’t “polished” enough.

But that is not true.

LinkedIn is a professional social network, and as I’ve said about 100 times on this show – professional doesn’t mean boring. In this case it means you’re not posting selfies or pictures of you in your jammies.

But there is no “right way” to create content for LinkedIn. The type of content you are already creating is probably fine. You don’t need to change the content you are creating so that it fits into LinkedIn – because you are still you, that is your voice, so do what you do and LinkedIn will shift accordingly.

Now – this isn’t to say that there isn’t some horribly boring content out there or that some people are using it to share every boring thing they’ve ever thought. But that doesn’t mean that you should too.

One of the biggest influencers on LinkedIn is Goldie Chan – she has green hair and shares a video from Disney probably at least once a week. Is that who you imagine when you think LinkedIn influencer? If not, it’s time to change the way you think about LinkedIn!

Misconception #3 LinkedIn is dead

The last misconception I want to discuss today is “LinkedIn is dead”

Microsoft paid $26.2 billion for LinkedIn in 2016.

Before that, LinkedIn had been trending down, but it’s on its way back up. Now, not saying that everything Microsoft does makes sense, but they saw $26.2 billion worth of potential in the platform, I and wouldn’t ignore that.

Since then Microsoft has added video – which, honestly has completely changed the platform and brought new life into it.

And, LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out live video! I think today less than 30 people in the world have access to it, but they way they are rolling it out is brilliant! They have created a product that has so much demand that 100s of people are applying to get access to LinkedIn Live every single day!

And why not? Those who get early access to LinkedIn Live are going to get so much exposure and added benefit.

(Unfortunately, these things are usually rolled out to the US first, so us Canadians might be on the waiting list for awhile).

Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? I’ve love to connect. You can check out my profile HERE.

Another Live Video Q & A

For the past couple of months, I’ve been talking about Live Video A LOT. I love live video. And the reason is because everything changed for me when I really got strategic about using live video in my own business, and I want to help others do the same!

We are wrapping up with “season” of live video with one last Q&A. I know you all always have some great questions about live video, and I wanted to make sure I could answer as many as I could before we changed gears and focused on other aspects of social media for awhile.

These were your lingering questions…

My audience doesn’t engage, what do I do?

This is such a great question. One of the aspects that makes live video so amazing is that it gives you the opportunity to engage with you audience in real time. But what happens if no one is biting? There are a few things I want you to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you are overtly asking for engagement. Your audience won’t know that you want them to take action unless you ask! Start with something simple, like a one word answer, then work your way up from there. Your goal should be to train your audience to comment, then when they get the hang of that, you can go deeper.

  2. Be engaging! If you stare at the camera like a bump on a lot, no one will want to engage with you. Be interesting and give your audience something to respond to. They aren’t just going to answer because you ask, you really need to understand where your audience is at and then tap into that zeitgeist.

  3. Don’t worry too much. Every body wants engagement, but it’s not always easy to get. Try your best and if no one is engaging live, move on! Don’t draw attention to it. Sometimes it just takes awhile for you to find your people!

HoW do I improve my live videos?

If you are already going live, it can be hard to know where to look to improve. Honestly, without seeing your videos it’s hard for me to specifically say. But, if there is one thing that I think MOST people who go live could improve on, is HAVE MORE FUN!

If you’re not having fun, then your audience definitely isn’t having fun. Which means that they probably won’t stick around. Make sure you are excited about what you are talking about, let that shine through, and don’t worry so much about what “could” go wrong.

How can I feel less anxious about going live?

While this might not be a great selling point for live video, it might help you feel a bit less anxious. If you have never gone live before, chances are there aren’t that many people watching your live video. Having tons of people just show up would be a GREAT problem to have!

If someone is taking the time out of their day to watch your live video, they are either there to support you, or to learn from you (not heckle you).

But in all honesty, going live is a strange feeling, and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

I want you to picture your mom or your best friend or your amazing client on the other side of that webcam. Just pretend like you are sharing your expertise with someone that you trust, and supports you fully!

Should I make my videos more personAl or business?

This is one of my favourite questions! Both!

When I talk about doing a “Live Show” such as The Art of Online Marketing” you want to be sharing valuable content with your audience. This is part of what draws people - you’ve promised that you are going to share your expertise.

However, you don’t want that video to be business only. Snore. You want that video to be entertaining, and you want to infuse your personality into it!

The title and topic are what make people show up, but those aspects are what make them stay.

Once you’ve gotten on track with the “live show”, adding “life streams” always makes a great addition. This is where you show a bit more about you, behind the scenes, and you out and about. But you need to have value first!

What is the biggest misconception people have about live video?

Lost of people try to make their videos “perfect” and in doing so completely strip all of the entertainment and personality out of them. Needless to say, those videos are incredibly boring and not watched very much.

Should I wait for my audience to join me live before getting started?


Because live video is, well, live, your audience can tune in at any time. BUT, that video also lives on as a replay where your viewers are watching it from the beginning. If you wait for people and just stare at the screen your replay viewers will leave. But, if you get into the meat too fast, your live videos will get confused and not stay.

You need to balance both audiences with a live video show structure.

Think about when you took grade 12 english. You probably instructed to tell your audience what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. It seems redundant, but it’s not.

Your live videos should follow a similar plan: Tell your audience what you are going to talk about, tell them, then recap what you talked about.

Now, you can break all of this down even further.

When you tell your audience what you are going to talk about, this is what I call the pre-amble. There are 3 parts to this:

  1. Introduce the topic of the show in one phrase;

  2. Introduce yourself;

  3. Give context around the topic.

This is what is happening while you are waiting for live viewers to show up, but it’s also information so those watching the replay aren’t watching you watch yourself, and they continue to watch.

I tense up in my videos – how do I bring more energy?

Relax and take a deep breath. For some reason, a lot of entrepreneurs think that there is a lineup of negative nannies out there waiting to tear everything they do to shreds. There isn’t. With (very) few exceptions, everyone who watches your videos is there to support you and learn from you.

Now, here is how you bring more energy to your live videos if you feel like they are lacking. Turn up the dial. You might feel like you are bringing energy, but that doesn’t always translate on video. Imagine that your dial on a normal day is 5, turn it up to a 9. I don’t want you to pretend to be someone else, just you after you drank and extra large latte!

Hope you are excited to jump into live video! Did I leave anything out? Feel free to contact me with question your might have.

If you want to learn more about live video, I invite you to check out the Live Video Formula below!


Reach more people, get more clients and make a bigger impact using the power of livestreams   


The Live Video Formula is a 6-week, step-by-step online course to help you create, launch, and profit from your own livestream show (even if you’re just starting out, you’re afraid to be on camera, and technology gives you a headache).

SMMW19 Recap Part 3: Extra-curricular activities

Some of my favourite parts of #smmw19 had NOTHING to do with social media, business, or networking.

One great thing about Social Media Marketing World is that it’s not your typical conference, and they infuse a lot of fun and non-typical activities into the program. I am going to talk about 2 of those RIGHT NOW.

The Chorus

I LOVED being part of the chorus.

Because there are 5000 people at Social Media Marketing World, you might meet someone cool and never see them again. Joining the chorus allowed me to meet other performer people, spend a big chunk of time with them, and really create some great friendships (and a lot of fun).

So much better than standing in the networking hall and saying "so what do you do" over and over again. (Tip: if you want to have an interesting conversation with someone, don’t start it with this question).

I met some truly amazing people that I otherwise might have never met, and had the opportunity to spend a good chunk of time with them. I also got to entertain them in the periods between sound check, and when the rest of the participants were allowed into the giant ballroom where we performed. Exhibit A below. AND I can now say I sang onstage with Peter Hollens and Brianna Shelko!

(Making people laugh, my favourite)

(Making people laugh, my favourite)

The Party at Parq

Saying that the 80s party at Parq was super fun would be an understatement. I’m not typically the type of person who goes out to bars. I prefer to stay home and drink wine with my dog (well he chews on his bone, but you know).

Just imagine the funnest time you’ve ever had out, add in epic sing along karaoke, desserts, and people in costume and this is how the party was.

At one point I was “driving through the crowd” with a record as my steering wheel, and a train of people behind me.

It was a great opportunity to connect with people outside of the conference hall, have fun, and let loose!

If you are ever at an event that has these types of opportunities, take them!


Reach more people, get more clients and make a bigger impact using the power of livestreams


The Live Video Formula is a 6-week, step-by-step online course to help you create, launch, and profit from your own livestream show (even if you’re just starting out, you’re afraid to be on camera, and technology gives you a headache).

SMMW19 Recap Part 2: Forks and Dorks

A huge part of the value of attending #smmw19 are the connections and the conversations that happen outside of the “official sessions”. Yes, the sessions are fabulous, and they need to be, but I really advise just going for the sessions then going back to your hotel.

There are 3 categories of people that you will meet at SMMW:

1. Great speakers who will inspire you to move forward and accomplish your goals;

In Part 1 (can you link it) I talked about some of my favourite speakers at Social Media Marketing World 2019. SMMW attracts the best social media speakers in the world, because, well, it’s the top conference in the world on that topic!

So needless to say, they know their stuff! Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, Mike Stelzner, Jon Loomer, Rick Mulready - those are the types of top names that you will see speaking at SMMW. They share with you what you need to know, what big changes in the industry, and what to pay attention to in the next year.

You may not get to hang out and chat with these people as much ad you’d like (because they are basically celebrities) but you can be inspired by their stories and learn so much from them.

2. Amazing people, who may or may not be speaking, who are on a similar journey as you and make great potential collaborators;

Collaborating with others is 1. Lots of fun, and 2. Can be a win-win situation if you work with the right people. And a lot of people at SMMW are open to (and actively seeking) collaboration opportunities.

I recently hosted the Video Marketing Summit for Entrepreneurs, and a lot of the guests were people that I met last year at SMMW, and I was lucky to have been able to catch up with them in person again this year (and give them a big thank you hug – which is extra special because I give them sparingly)

3. Your peers from around that world!

There are about 5000 attendees at this event, and the majority of them are social media marketers. It’s amazing to be surrounded by that many people who fully understand the challenges you face on a daily basis!

You get to meet up with existing friends and make new ones!

I love meeting my online friends in real life. It’s so surreal. You feel like you know them in a way, but maybe you’ve never met in person. Sometimes you are surprised by how they show up in real life! Shorter, taller, nicer, butthead-ier – I think I met people who covered all those!

The point is – there is value in the community – so make sure you take advantage while you are there!


Reach more people, get more clients and make a bigger impact using the power of livestreams


The Live Video Formula is a 6-week, step-by-step online course to help you create, launch, and profit from your own livestream show (even if you’re just starting out, you’re afraid to be on camera, and technology gives you a headache).

SMMW19 Takeaways Part 1

Let’s talk Social Media Marketing World 2019.

If you’ve never been to SMMW, know that the sessions bring a ton of value! However, not all of them are created equal, some were fabulous, and others were…not.

Today I share me favourite 3 sessions with you.

Andrew and Pete gave the afternoon keynote on Day 2. I remember being so exhausted last year in this time slot that I didn’t couldn’t even tell you what the session was about. But these guys got my attention. They delivered their content in a clever, comical way, which I always appreciate. They also shared some ideas and insights that were actionable and apply to everyone. They talked about the 90:10 concept – focusing 90% of your attention on one thing, creating amazing content in one place, and not trying to do everything and it ending up being mediocre at best. What a great lesson to share – considering how much SMMW covers and the feeling it gives that we all need to be everywhere.

(Denise with Andrew and Pete, and the lovely garbage can display)

(Denise with Andrew and Pete, and the lovely garbage can display)

Amy Landino shared her Video Authority Formula. Anytime someone shares a process, it makes for a great presentation because it gives the audience something to execute. Even though the videos she talked about were pre-recorded videos, and generally YouTube oriented, I still appreciated the steps she shared, and her presentation style!

Goldie Chan, aka Rookie of the Year (according to me, Denise Alison). Goldie shared her story about how she became a LinkedIn superstar by posting a daily video (over 500 to date!), the power of LinkedIn Video, and some real strategies that entrepreneurs can implement to increase their LinkedIn presence.

One of my favourite things about Goldie is her Green Hair. Or should I say, what it symbolizes.

See, Goldie probably isn't what you would have imagined a couple of years ago when you heard the term LinkedIn influencer, but she didn't dilute herself to fit that mold, she leaned into who she is and changed our idea of what that looks like.

(Denise Alison with Goldie Chan)

(Denise Alison with Goldie Chan)

Watch the video for the rest of the story, and tune in to see parts 2 and 3!


Reach more people, get more clients and make a bigger impact using the power of livestreams


The Live Video Formula is a 6-week, step-by-step online course to help you create, launch, and profit from your own livestream show (even if you’re just starting out, you’re afraid to be on camera, and technology gives you a headache).

Live Video is not Improv

If you are new here, or maybe haven’t been paying attention – I am a member of a local improv group. The catch 22 comedy crew. What is improv? It’s a type of comedy where there are no scripts, only guidelines and scenario, and the rest is made up on the spot. It’s a lot of fun, really, and it can be hilarious.

For some reason, there is a misconception floating around that live video is improv – impromptu and made up on the spot – but that is very far from reality. When it comes to anything business related, improv is generally a bad idea.

What should you do instead? Here are 3 things

Create an outline

Now we could say that the opposite of improv, is having a script. Before you go live you should take the time to decide what you are going to talk about and write it out. It doesn’t need to be written out word for word (in fact I discourage that because it’s better if things are more loose and natural).

Decide what you are going to talk about, a few key points, and then add a few bullet points for each point. This will not only let you walk through in your head what you want to talk about before clicking GO LIVE, but it can serve as a guide for you while you are sharing.

PS: There is no shame in peeking at your notes while you are live, as long as you aren’t reading them word for word!

Have a structure

A few months ago, I fell into a hole. This was a hole of watching Full House – the original – for hours at a time. And apart from how 90s everything was, do you know what I noticed? Every single episode followed the exact same formul. It starts with a sweet quick laugh, intro song (ahhh), set up, conflict, then resolution.

Why do they do this? Because it’s a show structure that works, and its easy to repeat over and over again.

You want to do that same with your live videos – pretend you are the producer of Full House and create a show structure that you can use over and over again.

Your show structure should include an introduction, main content, and a wrap up. Other things include time for engagement, a call to action, and a one liner of what you video is about

Tie it into the bigger picture

Are you going live just for the sake of it? Don’t. It’s not going to pay off and really, who has time for that. Tie your live videos into the bigger picture when it comes to your business.

Does your industry have “seasons” or different topics of interest at different times – use that as a base.

Are you planning some type of event – use that theme to create content leading up to it.

Launching a program, course, or business, reverse engineer your content to align with your launch.

Just “going live” isn’t going to get you anywhere, you need to do it strategically – add value and have a plan, and tie it into the other goals that you are trying to accomplish in your business.


Live streaming has hit an all-time high! No surprise there considering that live video is the best way to increase your visibility, grow your audience, and make more sales. And of course some token stats:

Live Videos are watched for 3x LONGER than regular video
Live Videos receive 6x more engagement than other videos
And live videos receive 1200% more organic reach than other types of posts

However, you have probably noticed that most of the videos that pop up in your newsfeed SUCK! And videos that suck are going to negatively impact your business, repel those who may have been your dream customers, and be a colossal waste of time, energy, and money.

That is, of course, not the fate I want for you. Join me for this free online training and learn:

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