Google + pulls the plug. Is Facebook next?

In case you’ve been living off the grid…

Last week Google announced that it would be pulling the plug on Google +, their very own social media platform, which was launched in 2011 to rival Facebook. While Google is generally a beast when it comes to creating attractive products, this one was a flop. Google+ is shutting down because of low usage and engagement (and not to mention, a major data breach)

But honestly. Google + never really took off. It claims to have 395 million users (in theory more than Twitter). However, 91% of Google+ accounts are empty, meaning they were likely created either as spam accounts or just to access other Google services.

But what does this mean for other platforms? Given that multiple social media sites have recently been under scrutiny, what I want to explore is: is Facebook next? Let’s analyze the situation in 3 key areas: usage, demographics, and business and marketing.


Facebook, which is currently the largest social network has 2 billion monthly active users. That means every month 2 billion different people are spending time there. Its not me 1 million times and Shawna the other million – its unique users. How does that compare to other social networks? The only other network that comes close to fb is Instagram, which just reached the 1 billion mark. 79% of Americans use Facebook—the platform with the second closest usage percentage is Instagram, at 32%.

Oh, an FYI, Fb owns Instagram. So, anything good that happens to IG is good for Facebook.

Here’s the thing - Facebook has been around for 12, 13 years, so the rate of growth isn’t huge, and that’s because basically everyone already has a Facebook account – I’m willing to bet that you do. But, the numbers are still increasing, not decreasing like some would lead you to believe.

In fact: 400 new users sign up for Facebook every minute.

When it comes to usage: Facebook is not dying


When I first joined fb, it was a new and mysterious world where people shared things about what they were doing and photos. It was weird, and I was like what is this – people are going to spend time here? This was in 2006 and I had just started university. Everyone said I needed to join Facebook, so I could connect and stay in touch with all of my new university friends. And this is exactly what it did, for a period of time.

Slowly – or quickly, (I can’t really remember, all this feels like it was just yesterday), anyway the crowd of people on Facebook expanded. Friends at home, younger friends, then older friends, then parents, then grandparents, then great grandparents. You get the idea.

Overall Facebook reaches the widest demographic of people.

Is Facebook “uncool” well – semantics. Usually things are uncool when everybody is doing it. And honestly you probably heard your teen say that Facebook is uncool.

If you are trying to reach teens – then yeah, Facebook probably isn’t the place to reach them, but if your customers are adults, chances are, they are on Facebook, because again, everybody is. And most of those people are checking in at least once a day.

You can pick a “cooler” platform. But you might be the only one there.

Business & Marketing

Now, this is where is gets a bit trickier.

Facebook, a free way to connect with people became an obvious place to market a business. Because well FREE. And then everyone went nuts with marketing their business and Facebook was like whoa – no one is going to want to be here if they get advertised to all the time. So, enter the beginning of fb page decline. The algorithm became stronger to ensure that users were seeing posts that they were interested in and fit organically into the conversation.

This went on for awhile until last January – also known as the Facebook apocalypse. Where Facebook changed the focus to helping users connect with friends and family, and less on discovering new content.

For business this meant a lot less reach for their pages. Which is obviously sucks.

But remember, fb shows your content to those who are most likely to engage with it.

So, is it harder to reach the masses on Facebook? Yes, yes it absolutely is and if anyone says otherwise they are full of it. But, you can still reach the people who want to hear from you. That means your goal needs to be to create amazing content for THEM.

Once you create great content for those who are already paying attention, they will bring their friends along. They might comment on your content, share it, or even recommend it to others.

Yes, your ability to reach lots of people is reduced, but you still have more chance of reaching them than other platforms – depending on your target market of course.

Overall, no, Facebook is no dying, its just evolving.

Marketing your business and getting visible on Facebook is getting harder, but with the right content you can reach the people who most want to hear from you.

The point is: don’t give up on Facebook, because, at the moment, its your best bet. Keep marketing on Facebook, and other social media. Because its never a bad idea to diversify your efforts.



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Are you spending TOO MUCH time marketing your business?

How much should I be marketing my business? How much time should I be spending marketing my business on social media?

These are some of the questions I receive from clients, followers, and workshop participants regularly. And at the end of the day the answer is going to be different for everyone depending on where they are at, the activities they partake in, and other variables.

I spend quite a bit of time marketing my own business on social media. In part because, this is how I attract customers to my business. I also don’t teach anything that I do now know first hand, so my own social media accounts are used as guinea pigs to explore how things work, what strategies work, and what don’t.

This led me to question whether I might be spending TOO MUCH time marketing my own business.

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How to Schedule a Live Video on Facebook

In this week’s video, I show you how to schedule a live video on Facebook!

Scheduling your live video on FB can be beneficial for a few reasons:

1.  You inform your audience that you will be going live

One of the best ways to make sure that your audience tunes in and watches your live video, is to make sure they are aware that you will be going live! Scheduling your live gives them that heads-up. Is will also convert the time zone so that there is no confusion about when to tune in!

2. Reminders

The notification that Facebook creates when you schedule a live video also gives your audience the opportunity to sign-up for reminders. These reminders will send notifications just before you go live to those who subscribed to make sure they don’t miss out!

Scheduling your post also enables a “pre-stream lobby”, where your audience an wait for the stream to begin.

3. You can share the stream where you will be live

The most beneficial aspect of scheduling a live video, is that the post that Facebook creates to notify your audience, is where you will actually appear LIVE in the date and time that you chose. That means that anyone who wants to see you live can go to that post and they will be able to watch you live from the beginning. You don’t need to create a new live, and your audience doesn’t miss out on the first couple of minutes trying to find the live stream.

You can take the link of the post and share it! Since this is where you will appear live, you can give your audience the exact link where you will be showing up live, instead of sharing the post after the fact.

Bonus: You can set up a bot

There are 2 ways that you can set up a bot in this situation.

The first, is sending a message to all your subscribers encouraging them to watch live. Now that you’ve scheduled the post you can share the EXACT LINK where they can watch!

The second is to set up a comment bot in relation to your call to action. When you do this, you choose a keyword that your audience needs to type in the comments, when they do that they will get an automated message sharing the offer you mentioned. You can only set up this type of bot on an existing post, so scheduling it gives you the ability to do that!

NOTE: While you can schedule your live directly from your page, you can’t actually stream to that post natively from Facebook. You need streaming software to allow you to do so.  

Watch the video to learn how to schedule your Live!


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Facebook watch, The Blue Jays, and the future of live video

Something you may not know 'bout me is, I am a huge Blue Jays fan! (I even named my dog Tulo). This week I am discussing the Jays and Live Video.

How do these 2 topics overlap, you might ask? Last week, Facebook Watch – a new(ish) FB video platform, had exclusive rights to broadcast the Jays game against the Royals, and this was, of course, broadcast over Facebook Live. What does this mean for Baseball fans, live streamers, social media users, and everyone in between? Watch today’s episode to find out!


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Create a Mesmerizing Learning Experience

In this week’s episode of The Art of Online Marketing I chat with Adult Educator, Course Creator, and Speaker, Sandra Currie-Samson about how to create a mesmerizing learning experience for our audience. As business owners and marketers, whether we know it or not, we are teachers, and there are some important factors to keep in mind to ensure that we are teaching in a way that engages our audience. These include:

1. Including a live element;

2. Building a community;

3. Knowing your audience and their needs.

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At the end of the day the number of followers or likes you have isn’t really important, it’ the intent behind the click. It is much more valuable to have a small, engaged audience than it is to have a massive audience that couldn’t care less.

By going live, you will create meaningful relationships with the audience that you already have. When you consistently share valuable content, you gain their trust. There is something about being able to see and hear you, your voice, your tone, all in real time, without editing or censoring, that helps people connect with you on a new level that isn’t really possible with other formats. It’s the closest you can get to having a face to face conversation!

Your social media presence will naturally grow from doing consistent lives. Going live is algorithm friendly; you get a much higher reach when you go live than any other type of content. This means more of your followers will see your post, AND new people who aren’t following you yet see your post. Which makes organic growth of your page super simple and easy!

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Newfoundland, Bollywood, and the TERROR of video

If you’re just meeting me, you may think that I have always LOVED doing video and that is absolutely not true. I love the results that live video has for my business, but, like so many people out there, I started out being terrified of doing video, not to mentioned LIVE video.

I really had to ease myself into it. I knew that by not using video in my business, I was missing out on so many opportunities to grow my business and to become more visible.

In this video, I share my 3 tips to ease into video!

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✓ Setting the Stage;

✓ Having Good Lighting;

✓ Incorporating your brand colours;

✓ Planning your Wardrobe;

✓ And More!

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👻LIVE VIDEO IS SCARY!👻 3 tips to get over it and move forward

One theme I'll be focusing on in 2018 is LIVE VIDEO! I love live video. It's the absolute best way to increase your visibility and grow your business.
Last week on my live show I shared 3 reasons why business owners and content creators should use live video to grow their business. I got tons of feedback from you, which was great. However, a common theme seemed to be “Live video is scary”. In this video I address that perception, and give you 3 tips to move forward with live video.

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